[WWI] Filling those indentations on vac wings

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Tue Jan 14 12:25:17 EST 2014

> The answer in my experience is "maybe"
Well yes. Everything can fail. In fact I'm more than interested now to 
try this. It might not work properly, as you say.
> The problem with wiping it down with a fingertip, is that if I apply 
> enough pressure to remove the excess, i also apply enough pressure to 
> indent the putty that's supposed to be filling the indent! I end up 
> with reduced but not eliminated lines.
It might take certain practice to wipe off the right amount of putty, 
that's true. I guess that a) the amount of putty should be just a thin 
"string" over the rib and b) pushing it over the groove with a wet 
finger might be with just enough pressure to stick the putty over the 
plastic yet no to carry it off the surface. I guess it would take some 
practice to get it right and some cleaning up after. Gee, it's the same 
with many other modelling skills.
> Fortunately, that's what I *want* usually - to reduce rather than 
> remove a panel line. However for filling entirely where there should 
> be no channel, not so good.
I usually clog the panel lines with sanding dust., then I paint 
forgetting that the model is clogged up.
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