[WWI] 1/72 RE.8

Paul Thompson flutes at xs4all.nl
Mon Jan 13 02:53:11 EST 2014

 Man, this A-Model SPAD A2 kit is a bit rough - ain't no part that doesn't 
need either replacing by photo etch or cleaning and thinning on a 
significant scale. Finally glued the fuselage halves together but need to 
wait for it to dry. Maybe I should start sanding that Sopwith Cuckoo vac.<

Been there, done that. but didn't buy the T-shirt (I survived the Amodel 
Spad A2). Used some of the Part set, but not much. A pain in the fundament. 
And the decals are too large.

Good luck with the Cuckoo. Mine was the last OT completion before leaving 
the Netherlands, and if I'd known the history of the area I now live in I'd 
have chosen a different finish, because they were operated from the airfield 
our house is built on............ Also, good luck figuring out half of the 
Akita produced PE (assuming you have the Libramodels version). It's numbered 
but in my instructions wasn't keyed, or looked much like, anything in the 
instructions. Still builds into a nice model though.


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