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Paul says

>How about a third German two seater to join the Roland and Hannover... or even a Hansa Brandenburg W12
>Of for the allies a Fe2b or sopwith Dolphin

Nobody ever heard of them. Except WW1 enthusiasts who will buy whatever they give us anyway. People inspired by the WW1 commemoration activities and documentaries will see all about the Aces and while they may also hear of the RFC fokker fodder those aircraft will *not* be the sort to generate enthusiasm from their core *British* market.

Airfix have *largely* been replacing old stagers, not introducing entirely new subjects except the 1950s/1960s ones in 1/48 and having a stated objective of tooling the entire. You (we) may hope for some new subjects but IMO the hard heads engineering their return from a near death experience will restrict *nice but* ideas in favour of profitable kits.

So would I


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