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Sat Jan 11 23:33:13 EST 2014

How about a third German two seater to join the Roland and Hannover... or
even a Hansa Brandenburg W12

Of for the allies a Fe2b or sopwith Dolphin

They would sell at least as much as a reworked RE8

On Saturday, January 11, 2014, Michael Kendix wrote:

> Yes, they are completely new models, Mr. Pedant.[image: Emoji] And I may
> buy the Swordfish kits - let's see how I do with the Gladiators.
> I would be pleased to be proven wrong about the RE8, DH4 etc. Do we need
> another Dr.1? Not really - I made the Eduard & used the Roden engine - that
> was a really nice kit. Fokker D.VII - the Roden ones are not great & the
> Revell is nice but not specific type - more a mixture so maybe that. The
> Roden Camels are good so that'd be a bit of a waste.
> Subject: Re: [WWI] 1/72 RE.8
> Michael says
> >There's more chance of me pooing gold nuggets than Airfix doing up their
> RE8. Their
> >re-tools are excellent though and I'm surprized they did the Gladiators,
> which I have ordered.
> Let's call then "new tools" not "re-tools" which in industry speak usually
> means that the original tooling is recut. The Airfix "new tools" are just
> that and owe nothing top the older iteration but the name of the company.
> And...
> Swordfish
> Gladiator
> Tiger Moth
> All new mould Airfix and all fine kits (okay, no-one has the Tiggie yet,
> but the test shots look great)
> Airfix are releasing a new biplane kit on an almost yearly basis, and
> being very canny in producing kits to mark well publicised anniversaries.
> I feel confident we will see some new mould WW1 kits in the next few years,
> but I'm at a loss to know which subjects. Most of the fairly certain money
> spinners are well catered for, but (of course) make nothing for
> Hornby/Airfix so I wouldn't completely exclude new kits of Camels or the
> Fokker D.VII
> The air war really started to grow in 1915, so i expect to be proven right
> or wrong in 2015.  So WW1 air standards like the RE-8 and DH-4 (if they do
> them) later in the piece. Oh, and if they release a new Dr.1 I bet it'll be
> released in about April 2018
> Shane
> (Praying against a new Airfix RE-8. There are some things I don't really
> need to know about)
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