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Michael says

>There's more chance of me pooing gold nuggets than Airfix doing up their
 RE8. Their 
>re-tools are excellent though and I'm surprized they did the
 Gladiators, which I have ordered.

Let's call then "new tools" not "re-tools" which in industry speak usually means that the original tooling is recut. The Airfix "new tools" are just that and owe nothing top the older iteration but the name of the company.


Tiger Moth

All new mould Airfix and all fine kits (okay, no-one has the Tiggie yet, but the test shots look great)

Airfix are releasing a new biplane kit on an almost yearly basis, and being very canny in producing kits to mark well publicised anniversaries.  I feel confident we will see some new mould WW1 kits in the next few years, but I'm at a loss to know which subjects. Most of the fairly certain money spinners are well catered for, but (of course) make nothing for Hornby/Airfix so I wouldn't completely exclude new kits of Camels or the Fokker D.VII  

The air war really started to grow in 1915, so i expect to be proven right or wrong in 2015.  So WW1 air standards like the RE-8 and DH-4 (if they do them) later in the piece. Oh, and if they release a new Dr.1 I bet it'll be released in about April 2018


(Praying against a new Airfix RE-8. There are some things I don't really need to know about)

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