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I have only a small number of resin kits. About of the various BE2/12 kits I bought about dozen years back. I have a couple of really nice molded resin kits from Choroszy that I got good deals on, and I have built one or two resin kits. Just the thought of them twisting and warping after all the effort of building them puts me off. Also, adding the top wing using superglue is really tricky - not much wiggle time for that. Yes, they are beguiling, especially that Hansa Brandenburg G bomber for $52 but I know what a pain in the neck t is to deal with resin so I resist.

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While I agree about the cons of resin kits, as you’ve described, and you forgot one, they warp . Even so I must hasten to the defence of resin,
 and say they have unrivalled fineness of part, and surface detail. So well worth both the cash and the hassle.
PS. You’re going to love the Gladiator, I got one for my birthday, and it’s a beauty.

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All except the last are available in vacuform, I believe, so if you really feel you must have one, it's available. I don't like resin kits because:

They are usually expensive
They are made of resin.

There's more chance of me pooing gold nuggets than Airfix doing up their RE8. Their re-tools are excellent though and I'm surprized they did the Gladiators, which I have ordered. There was an article in the latest Airfix magazine of how to tart-up the venerable
 old RE8 kit - it did not inspire me though the guy did a decent job.

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    Given the lead time needed to develop a kit I'd imagine the research and design was already well underway, if not completed. So while it's fun expounding on our favourite
 candidates, it's almost certainly a paper exercise. 


    Having said that, I'll also say Caudron G.3 and 4, AW FK8, and Naglo Quadro.........errrrrrrrr, scratch the last one. 




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