[WWI] New Eduard OT Releases

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Anything new on-topic in 1/72nd scale would be welcomed. Their kits are first rate and I've built just about all of their 1/72nd scale output.

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I wouldn't hold out much hope for the planes you mentioned.  They'll more than likely revisit the "oldies but goodies."  Maybe we can just hope they finally fix the Alb. DV/a undercarriage and footstep placement.  I'd go for a real decent Berg D.I series too, with parts for the variants of different manufacturers.


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Mike says

>                Y-A-H-O-O!!!!!  Now, is that the
 sound of numerous hands coming together that I hear?  Or is it the 
sound of numerous >fingers crossing in the hope that Eduard will release 
any of the following:>                                1.  H.B. D.I>                                2.  Big Ack (most especially!)>                                3.  Roland D.II or D.IIa>                                4.  B.E.2e
I'm happy that they've decided that WW1 subjects are worth a revisit during the Centenaries, but I'd be quite comfortable betting against any of those being in their release list - and I'm currently unemployed and about ready to sell my stash to pay some bills!
Have a look at the WW2 subjects they release - all of them well known staples that will return enough to make a profit. Most of those will elicit a "huh?" at best from non-WW1 enthusiasts. But - we can hope of course.

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