[WWI] New Eduard OT Releases

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Hi all
According to the info Eduard Magazine the first new release will be an SSW D.III. Eduard have stated that there will be at least one new WW1 tooling for each year of the Centenary

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I wouldn't hold out much hope for the planes you mentioned.  They'll more than likely revisit the "oldies but goodies."  Maybe we can just hope they finally fix the Alb. DV/a undercarriage and footstep placement.  I'd go for a real decent Berg D.I series too, with parts for the variants of different manufacturers.


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Mike says

>                Y-A-H-O-O!!!!!  Now, is that the sound of numerous hands coming together that I hear?  Or is it the 
sound of numerous >fingers crossing in the hope that Eduard will release 
any of the following:
>                                1.  H.B. D.I
>                                2.  Big Ack (most especially!)
>                                3.  Roland D.II or D.IIa
>                                4.  B.E.2e

I'm happy that they've decided that WW1 subjects are worth a revisit during the Centenaries, but I'd be quite comfortable betting against any of those being in their release list - and I'm currently unemployed and about ready to sell my stash to pay some bills!

Have a look at the WW2 subjects they release - all of them well known staples that will return enough to make a profit. Most of those will elicit a "huh?" at best from non-WW1 enthusiasts. But - we can hope of course.

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