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Andy Bannister a.bann at ntlworld.com
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I like it! "Richtofen Red" lipstick and "Coppens Blue" eye shadow could be
big sellers....

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Can't you just get your preferred vendor(s) to re-label their product
"Jasta 11 Red Nail Polish"?


On 1/4/14 7:21 AM, Andy Bannister wrote:

Those of you living in the UK are probably well aware of the ridiculous
restrictions Royal Mail has imposed on sending paint through the post. As an
online retailer myself this has really hit hard, and small businesses in
particular. The vast majority of my sales was paint, this has pretty much
come to a standstill. RM will allow nail varnish and aerosol cosmetics
(deodorant, etc) to be sent but not model paint! The cynic in me can't help
but think this has more to do with the cosmetics industry having more clout
than the hobby industry. Finally someone has started a petition to try and
change this; so far it's only for the restirction on acrylics but hopefully
it may lead to the complete ban on enamels being lifted as well. For those
of you who order paint online or, like me, used to sell it, I urge you to
sign the petition: 
Hope this is okay to post here. Not exactly OT, but it affects all of us in
the hobby, regardless of where we live and the more people we can get to
sign the better.
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