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I think I'd do like you say. Either way, you need to get the wings really thin. You can grind the underside of the A-models down to nearly nothing but you'll need to use something like a bottle as a sanding pad, so as to keep the curvature as you sand. You should be able to save the top surface detail and then add new wing-tapes under with decal strip or scribing.
Not an easy job, but any old Tottenham supporter should be able to do it!

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No. The Datafile says that the wings were the same span but no lower wing ailerons on the A.4 and the A.4 fuselage was 7.35m compared to the A.2, which was 7.30m. Thanks for trying though. I am thinking maybe try to sand down the Amodel wings and if that doesn't work, use the vacuform wings.
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Could the difference between the a2 and the a4 account for the difference in measurements
No references to hand so I'm just wondering

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Michael Kendix wrote:
Sort of whistling in the wind here replying to my own posts but one reason for my interest in all this is that the Amodel wings are as thick as front doorsteps and thinning them would be sort of tough to do well so that it would look even. On the other hand, vacuform wings are the ideal thickness for 1/72nd scale so they would do well but they are 12.85cm as compared with the Amodel's 13.25cm - each scaling out to 9.1m and 9.5m, respectively, which is the two alternate values in the FMP book. Roseplane  clearly used the 9.10m measurement for its kit and Amodel used the 9.55m.

Any thoughts or other information on this.
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Just to add to the confusion, I have the FMP tome, which has slightly different drawings and a range of wing span for the A.2; 9.10m to 9.55m. The drawing seems to come up somewhere in the middle of that range. The book does, however, have a nice picture of the inside of the front/gunners cockpit.
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I am looking at the Amodel SPAD a.2 kit and as Matt Bittner mentioned in his build article:


there is a mismatch between the wing dimensions of the kit and the Mini Datafile drawings. Matt says the specs of the aircraft don't match the Datafile - so do the specs match the kit specs?  I also have the Roseplane vac SPAD A.2 - is that supposed to be more accurate with its wider wing span and narrower chord than the Amodel kit?

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