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Thanks Stu, it was an interesting build, since I bought it half-finished (fuselage and lower wing assembled and primed). I had to fiddle in an interior from above, and then I'm afraid I converted it into a racer. I'll send some more photos eventually. I can't really compare it to the AZ model, but from looking in the box of that one
and building this one, I'd say the Choroszy is a little more refined, but with all the "delights" of resin, the wings were quite warped on mine. I bent the wings back into shape with hot water, but I don't know how well it will last, although so far none of my completed resin models have warped.
Best regards Neil

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I attempted that kit.  What resulted from my efforts is generally recognizable as a Nieuport 29.

Your skills with very fine parts is vastly greater than mine so I'm sure you will have far less trouble and produce a much more accurate rendition.


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> Thanks for the christmas card Diego, it's ace.
> And a happy New Year to everybody. 
> Last year ended well with two finished WW1 (almost WW1) models. I just pipped the gate with a Choroszy Nieuport 29.
> /Neil
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> Ditto from the south, where we're almost dry with 40°C
> D.

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