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Just to add to the confusion, I have the FMP tome, which has slightly different drawings and a range of wing span for the A.2; 9.10m to 9.55m. The drawing seems to come up somewhere in the middle of that range. The book does, however, have a nice picture of the inside of the front/gunners cockpit.

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I am looking at the Amodel SPAD a.2 kit and as Matt Bittner mentioned in his build article:


there is a mismatch between the wing dimensions of the kit and the Mini Datafile drawings. Matt says the specs of the aircraft don't match the Datafile - so do the specs match the kit specs?  I also have the Roseplane vac SPAD A.2 - is that supposed to be more accurate with its wider wing span and narrower chord than the Amodel kit?

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