[WWI] Cut out or No cut-out/was Maurice Boyau

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D says

>PS: The boxtop that shows the transparent upper wing *might* be
    based on a captured 
>Nieuport 17 from the same unit (but completely
    unrelated personal markings) that had 
>that feature. Or perhaps the
    boxtop illustration was designed to feature one cool alternative 
    decor coupled with a nice alternative of the wing.

The boxtop illustration was more likely drawn complete from the backside of the box artist, as often happens. 

Eduard do NOT instruct you to use the open wing, or indeed instruct you to use the Boyau decals at all with ANY parts. Aside from the decals on the sheet, and a pretty but very suspect painting on the box there is no mention of this option at all. Perhaps Eduard are aware that they guessed as well, and used pretty box art to help sell the kit as Diego says.

The box top shows a cowling with three joins. The photos show one without the third join (at three oclock if seen from in front) and just the standard 11/1 o'clock joins.

The photos - the only known ones anyway - show no gap. They also don't clearly prove it isn't there. And on both of them the fuselage decking is in darkness which shows no variations consistent with being partly illuminated from above.

I can't see any evidence AT ALL for the open centre section. On that basis I've tossed the one I prepared previously into storage and painted a solid wing last night. 

YMMV.  However, in line with my recent conversion to absolutism I'll feel free to ask why anyone makes the opposite choice and will look on that option with suspicion.  


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