[WWI] Cut out or No cut-out/was Maurice Boyau

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Wed Apr 23 13:50:02 EDT 2014

El 23/04/2014 14:19, Michael Kendix escribió:
> So, is there any consensus on the top wing's format?

Yes. There's no conclusive photographical proof that the snake-painted 
Nieuport had the transparent cover. Therefore, Shane shall build it as a 
regular covered upper wing Nieuport 17.
PS: The boxtop that shows the transparent upper wing *might* be based on 
a captured Nieuport 17 from the same unit (but completely unrelated 
personal markings) that had that feature. Or perhaps the boxtop 
illustration was designed to feature one cool alternative of decor 
coupled with a nice alternative of the wing.
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