[WWI] WAS French blue Now French CDL?

Shane Weier bristolf2b at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 22 20:21:15 EDT 2014

Dame Karen says

>Discussions and arguments about the precise colors used, based on photos of extant planes, is a hopeless waste of time.

We've made that point here for 20 years now, but there will always be someone who needs to sell some paint and wants to be able to tell insecure modellers that *this* in RIGHT.

>The Internet Modeler motto bears repeating: "Build what YOU want, the way YOU want it…"

Well, Al  Superczynski's tagline taken over by Hyperscale which is one of the most likely places to see people lectured about what they do! 

>BTW, I think, but I'm not sure without getting up 
and walking 15 feet to my references 
>(which I'm too lazy to do), that 
both the Le Bourget Spad and the Smithsonian's Caudron 
>have been 
restored somewhere along the line…

Mmmm. In my 2004 visit to Le Bourget I recall being told that it had *never* been recovered or repainted, just "conserved" to prevent rotting and maintain the historic values.

You guess whether that means a new coat of clear(ish)lacquer...


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