[WWI] WAS French blue Now French CDL?

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Tue Apr 22 12:21:30 EDT 2014

Dame K don't be prickly! Springtime is in the air!
> Not to mention the colors of the indoor lights they are displayed 
> under, and the white balance of the film and/or digital sensor they 
> were photographed with…plus the color balance of the monitor screen 
> you're looking at.
All too true. I tried to find two pictures that were more or less 
matching in the photo conditions: both were shot with flash and both 
are, in general terms, crappy. Anyway you can see that there is a 
certain variance in them, even considering effects of photography and 
> Discussions and arguments about the precise colors used, based on 
> photos of extant planes, is a hopeless waste of time.
> If you want the colors to be 'accurate', paint it with your best 
> educated guess and defy anyone to claim the 'real' color was 2% 
> lighter and a tad more yellow.
The operative word is "educated" guess. I might want to paint it yolk 
yellow, alas, it would be taking things a bit beyond the boundaries of 
education to enter the realm of fantasy. These two airplanes have the 
rare distinction of being conserved without full repainting or 
> BTW, I think, but I'm not sure without getting up and walking 15 feet 
> to my references (which I'm too lazy to do), that both the Le Bourget 
> Spad and the Smithsonian's Caudron have been restored somewhere along 
> the line…
Yes, restored and cleaned up, but not repainted. And both were managed 
by serious museums and probably not meddled with.

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