[WWI] WAS French blue Now French CDL?

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> Well, there's not much known on the Yellow finishes, but extant samples of that can be seen on the Spad VII at Le Bourget or the Caudron G.IV on the Smithsonian. Of course, both look slightly different and perhaps they have aged and changed a lot in the almost 100 years since they were painted.

Not to mention the colors of the indoor lights they are displayed under, and the white balance of the film and/or digital sensor they were photographed with…plus the color balance of the monitor screen you're looking at.

Discussions and arguments about the precise colors used, based on photos of extant planes, is a hopeless waste of time. There are too many degrees of separation and issues of chemistry and physics between the real thing and the photo. The French 5-color camo article by Alan Toelle and Lance Krieg in the current Windsock is a studied example of how photos have fooled us for 95 years; and the article should be a wake-up call to those who have championed one or another shade/tone of a color over all others. 

The Internet Modeler motto bears repeating: "Build what YOU want, the way YOU want it…". If you want the colors to be 'accurate', paint it with your best educated guess and defy anyone to claim the 'real' color was 2% lighter and a tad more yellow.

BTW, I think, but I'm not sure without getting up and walking 15 feet to my references (which I'm too lazy to do), that both the Le Bourget Spad and the Smithsonian's Caudron have been restored somewhere along the line…

Dame Karen (in prickly mode)

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