[WWI] WAS French blue Now French CDL?

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Tue Apr 22 08:21:09 EDT 2014

Mr. T!
Well, there's not much known on the Yellow finishes, but extant samples 
of that can be seen on the Spad VII at Le Bourget or the Caudron G.IV on 
the Smithsonian. Of course, both look slightly different and perhaps 
they have aged and changed a lot in the almost 100 years since they were 

The fabric paint was described in an American report as "fatty varnish" 
but no mention of the aluminium add ons was made. The Yellow scheme was 
replaced by the "all aluminium" paint scheme, and also by the different 
camouflage patterns and colours with added aluminium powder added to 
improve the fabric protection to UV rays.
The metal portions were painted in enamels "matching" colours. Remember 
that also many of the small metallic fixtures (fishplates, aileron 
crancks, etc.) were also painted in that light greyish blue common to 
many of the French hardware (check the undercarriage struts of the 
Caudron and the aileron horns on the Spad to see how it varies)

El 21/04/2014 15:18, Thomas Solinski escribió:
> Hi, out of lurk mode here.
> Just picked up a nice SPAD double kit,  just curious about the French 
> 'all yellow' finish.  Looking at the SPAD VII on line it appears that 
> the fabric portions are tinted CDL.  But what about the metal 
> portions?  Was this a paint mixed to match the CDL color or was it the 
> same color used on the fabric?
> And anyone have any suggestions for Model Master paint equivalent colors?
> MrT

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