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Hi all,

After a very long lay off, I've decided to finish a Nieuport 17 that I started at least five and possibly as much as ten years ago - at least, it was at the time that Eduard released their then new 1/72 (YES, 1/72) Nieuport kit in the original dual combo kit.

I'm a fan of rugby, and know Maurice Boyau as having been captain of France before WW1 (there's a Stade Maurice Boyau still in use) and his colourful serpent sided machine was too much to ignore. After all, one needs as much encouragement as possible to waste time on 1/72 Nieports.

However, having started the model, and gone to a lot of trouble detailing the upper wing cut out, I just stopped.

My question:  "Why did I detail the cutout"?

Eduard's cover art shows it as one of the clear(ish) acetate "skylight" types but the only photo I can find today, of the starboard side (towards the back of Datafile 20), does not seem to show an opening at all. Maybe I just took the Eduard cover artist at his "word"?

I am pretty sure there's a port side photo with Boyau and others beside the aircraft, but I can't lay hands on it at the moment.

Anyone know where I should have been looking? Does it show the aircraft as Eduard would have it?  I wouldn't mine knowing whether they have some evidence for the 3 part cowling too - the starboard photo shows the 11 oclock seam, but Eduard would have you use a cowling with seams at 1, 3 and 11 o'clock.  I thought (without checking!) that it was usually 1/11 or 3/9 and ndeed, that's what Eduard give you.

Please be gentle with me. It won't take much to get this perfidious crate back in its box for another 5 years!


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