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Mr. T!

    From what I have read, the French "yellow" was not a true CDL (used on earlier French aircraft) but an actual color specified by the military. There is speculation that aluminum powder was added to this light yellow to make it more opaque.

     The metal parts were painted to closely match the yellow color, just as the later camouflage colors matched the fabric tones. On the preserved S.VII of Guynemer, the color is a light beige, but apparently there was some variation. On Victor Chapman's Nieuport, the color is described as "cream". In photos, sometimes the SPADs look darker, rather than lighter; more on the brown side.

    On my models, I make the metal portions a slightly different tint than the metal, usually lighter to indicate some weathering of the doped fabric.

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Hi, out of lurk mode here.  


Just picked up a nice SPAD double kit,  just curious about the
French ‘all yellow’ finish.  Looking at the SPAD VII on line it
appears that the fabric portions are tinted CDL.  But what about the metal
portions?  Was this a paint mixed to match the CDL color or was it the same
color used on the fabric?


And anyone have any suggestions for Model Master paint equivalent






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