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Hi Michael,
Of course I cannot be positive since there are no original aircraft still remaining, but looking at the profiles in Nieuport fliers of the Lafayette, the profiles done by Bob Pearson all have the darker shade for rudder stripes and cockade centers, but the later type 23, 24 and 24bis with the Seminole painted on the side show two different blues, they have the dark blue rudder as painted by the factory, while the blue feathers on the Seminole insignia painted on the fuselage have the medium blue/gray color.  Just a guess if I may, the Nieuport factory used a darker blue, while SPAD and various other builders used the lighter blue/gray for their insignia?  It seems that the blue got much lighter later in the war, take for example the American Nieuport 28's, which appear to have from the factory a very light blue for the rudder and cockade centers, while field repainted US machines used a darker Flag blue.  

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So, on the basis of a single Nieuport 16, does that mean all French Nieuport 11 and 16 machines had the blue in the roundels painted royal blue. Does this hypothesis extend to French colors on the Nieuport 17?

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Hi David and Gabe,
I do not have the Mr Kit French blue to compare the 
color of, and unfortunately the Mister Kit USA website is gone, but from what I 
remember the color that they had was the bluish gray which is similar to the 
Model Master color US Navy Intermediate blue. This was the color that I 
had been using for years for French rudder stripes and cockade centers but 
according to Alan Toelle's latest research and the Autochrome of a Nieuport 16 
in 4 color camouflage, the correct color for 1916 built Nieuports should be a 
darker blue. As seen on my latest Nieuport 11 model, which means all the 
rest of my Nieuports are probably the wrong color...
Dave C
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Mr. Kit French Roundel Bleu.

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This might have 
been discussed before, but I'm trying to find a match for
the blue used on 
the French roundels, etc. I'm working on the Nieuport 11,
and want to make 
one flown by Jean Navarre. The Special Hobby kit has
matching colors for a 
plane flown by Pierre Dufaur de Gavardie which has
matching decals, but none 
for Navarre. What is shown is not a dark blue,
rather a grayish blue. Thanks. 

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