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Thanks very much for the info and links.  I don't have the Windsock, but now I have a much better idea to match the markings.  Thanks again.

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Hi Gabe,
In Alan Toelle's article in Windsock Worldwide Vol 23 No 5 
he shows that the blue on the rudder and center of the cockade is a darker blue 
than we generally see on decal sheets.  It is almost a royal blue.  
The best profiles that I have seen of these aircraft are in the books Jean 
Navarre France's Sentinel of Verdun by Jim Wilberg, and also Nieuport Flyers of 
the Lafayette by Jon Guttman.  Bob Pearson did the great profiles in that 
You can check out my model gallery for the latest Nieuport 
11 that I finished last month in Victor Chapman's markings, I mixed up my own 
blend of acrylics to get what looked to be the correct French blue for the 
rudder and cockades.  http://www.wwi-models.org/Images/Calhoun/Nieuport/index.html
Subject: [WWI] 
French blue
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This might have been discussed before, but I'm 
trying to find a match for the blue used on the French roundels, etc. I'm 
working on the Nieuport 11, and want to make one flown by Jean Navarre. The 
Special Hobby kit has matching colors for a plane flown by Pierre Dufaur de 
Gavardie which has matching decals, but none for Navarre. What is shown is not a 
dark blue, rather a grayish blue. Thanks. 
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