[WWI] Tamiya 1/35th mk IV 'Male' - and Takom

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I'm working on the Takom St. Chamond. Not in the same class as the superb Meng kits, they remind me of some of the AFV club kits, fussy and over engineered, but buildable. The Tamiya kit initial release will be motorized, and very expensive, but by next Fall, they should release a static model (I hope). BTW , my  WNW Roland C.II arrived today, and I'm gearing up to start it. 
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And now Takon seems to be in the WWI mix. 
Although to be honest, I don't think I've ever seen a Takom kit... 


More details on Tamiya's: 


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It seems news has leaked out that Tamiya is doing the above this year! 


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