[WWI] The Roden Junkers D.I

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Thu Apr 17 21:52:05 EDT 2014

> Are you referring to the rounded leading edge of the wing that  
> extends from the straight corrugated edge back to the alieron?  If  
> so this is not supposed to be corrugated, it was made of smooth  
> metal probably due to the curved wingtip.  This is correctly shown  
> on the old Blue Max kit as well as in photos and drawings in the  
> Datafile # 33.

Exactly! In the 1:72 Roden this thing is too wide -and too visible- I  
just wonder how that beautifully molded kit, whch dimensionally is  
spot on with EVERY drawing published, has the leading edges and the  
turtledeck changed(combed backwards instead of parted in the middle).  
One of the little mysteries of life, isn't it?

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