[WWI] The Roden Junkers D.I

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Thu Apr 17 17:55:06 EDT 2014

Do you need the instructions for the EDUARD J.I? The biplane, the  
flying furniture van?
The RODEN D.I has only undercarriage struts,being a most simpleton  
monoplane, if that´s the ones that got knocked off.

Bob Pearson <bpearson at citytel.net> escribió:

> fine files?
> Coulde you scan the instructions showing the struts. .. My J.I got  
> knocked off the ceiling in the bandroom and I need to reattach the  
> struts on it
> Bob
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>> Hey Listeroos,
>> A few days ago I got a few Roden kits. Amongst them, it was the   
>> Junkers D.I, a very nice kit and accurate dimesionally. However it  
>> has  a slight fault i design that bugs me: the leading edges of the  
>> wings  have a wide non-corrugated area that should be modified. Has  
>> anyone as  any idea how to do it matching the existing surface  
>> corrugations?
>> D.

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