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Hi Bill-

The missing sprue is from the Gaspatch kit, but I'm also aware of how thoroughly WnW remedies their mistakes.  First class outfit all around.

It sounds like the latest Windsock is worth getting this month.  Thanks for the peek inside.


Costas has been at a show last week, but he got my message and said he would forward the missing sprue immediately upon his return.  He was very apologetic, and I highly doubt this is a common occurrence.

Thanks for your input guys-

Ken A.

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Hi Ken,

Holy cow!? Slight oversight in the quality control department at WNW.? I've had very good luck with redress of problems from WNW.? I'm sure they'll make it good.? I believe I've heard of complete kits being sent out to remedy mistakes.

As to the Windsock article,? Lance doesn't mention any specific brand of paint, but says he uses 'craft' acrylic paints that can be obtained at any craft or hobby store.? He uses generic names of colors ie, Alizarin, Prussian Blue, Chrome Yellow, Burnt Umber.? He, as I mentioned in a previous post, has a chart of mixing percentages using the colors cross referenced to the French color ie Vert Fonce, Marron, etc.? 

Hope you get your wings soon!? 




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Hi Ken,
I have not looked at the Wingnut French colors, but do they have you add aluminum to the base colors as in the original paints?  And also remember the fabric areas of the aircraft were done with the aluminized 4 colors (the black did not have aluminum mixed in) but the metal areas of the cowl and upper deck were painted with Ripolin, an oil based paint that did not have aluminum powder and looks different than the fabric colors.  
As far as the missing wing sprue, hopefully you have already e-mailed GasPatch, and knowing Costas he is sending you a replacement sprue right away.
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Hi William-

The instruction book for the WnW Salmson includes formulas for the colors using Tamiya paints. Is there any mention in the article about WnW's guidance? I recently picked up the Gaspatch Salmson and was planning on using the WnW info to get the correct colors.

An interesting side note regarding the Gaspatch kit. As mentioned here and elsewhere, the kit looks amazing on the sprues and all indications are that it will build up wonderfully. Unfortunately, my copy didn't include the sprue that has the wings and struts. I'm no WWI expert, but I think those parts are kinda important.

Ken A.

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magazines on ebay

Hi Michael and Dave,

Alan and Lance's article is titled 'French Five-Colour Camouflage in Model Form' and deals with how to reproduce the appearance of aluminium-pigmented dope.? Apparently, 42% of the paint consisted of aluminium powder, by weight, and has a definite impact on the colors in model form.? Lance's part of the article describes how he has replicated the colors using Alan's info and input as a guide.? There is a chart he has worked up called 'Pigments required to produce camoflage colours' that uses percentages to mix the colors.? He also includes some tips and hints on reproducing the colors in model form. Well worth the read.?

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