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Mike Vice jmikl2957 at comcast.net
Sat Apr 12 02:29:06 EDT 2014

                And here's why we list here...

                In response to my request for help in staging a possible
trip to Kiwi land for next year, from whom do I hear but Aidrian Bridgman.
Seems he lives a stone's throw from TVAL and also had info about Omaka.  All
kinds of ideas about a trip, but the best suggestion has come at the last
(so far): instead of going at high season, why not go next April he
suggests?  And what's so special about April, you ask?  Well... it seems
that there's this kinda important Remembrance Day of sorts, called ANZAC
Day, on the 25th of April.  So, imagine a two-week trip with a visit to TVAL
on one weekend, to Omaka on the next, and helping the Kiwis and Aussies
honor the 100th anniversary of ANZAC Day in between...

                Are you kidding me???  That's gotta be a vacation made in
heaven!  The only drawback comes from my next-door neighbor, a former U.S.
Navy Senior Chief who visited NZ on occasion during his Navy career; he
suggests that I'm suspect if I don't bring my own darts.  OTOH, there's a
"repro" English pub on 4th Street in San Rafael just south of here and he's
offered to help me out with my tossing--in exchange for a pint or two, of
course...   ;-)


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