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Willliam Stewart william.stewart at att.net
Fri Apr 11 13:01:41 EDT 2014

Hi Ken,

Holy cow!  Slight oversight in the quality control department at WNW.  I've had very good luck with redress of problems from WNW.  I'm sure they'll make it good.  I believe I've heard of complete kits being sent out to remedy mistakes.

As to the Windsock article,  Lance doesn't mention any specific brand of paint, but says he uses 'craft' acrylic paints that can be obtained at any craft or hobby store.  He uses generic names of colors ie, Alizarin, Prussian Blue, Chrome Yellow, Burnt Umber.  He, as I mentioned in a previous post, has a chart of mixing percentages using the colors cross referenced to the French color ie Vert Fonce, Marron, etc.  

Hope you get your wings soon!  


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