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If you go to the great war sig site you can download a Windsock index. Its a work in progress. I think whats currently on the website goes up to vol 15. I am currently up to vol 22 and can send this version to you jext week if you like once I return home.Once things faom down workwise I hope to be able to complete it. Sorry I cant eend you a link to the gwsig site. I'm mailing from a tablet and dont know how to insert a link on this thing. Just search on google and you should find us. When you find the page, download the xl spreadsheet, dont view on line that isnt particularly good.

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                I've got a complete set of OTF, Windsock, and C&C-Int'l to use for reference on the subject, but no index.  Anyone who has catalogued their magazines/journals, could I have a listing if possible of articles in the journals in order to short circuit my looking around?
                I went to a travel agent today (yes, they still exist in this day and age!) but, not surprisingly, she didn't have much for me, other than a quick look at Google to find that TVAL is located on the southern tip of North Island, at Wellington.  And I think I mentioned that my next-door neighbor, an ex-Navy chief, has visited NZ and says that even if a trip to TVAL isn't in the cards, NZ should be on everyone's bucket list.  Couldn't ask for a better recommendation than that, eh?
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