[WWI] question mark

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Fri Apr 4 06:52:33 EDT 2014

> O.K. all you WNW 1/32 guys.......if you go to the WNW site you'll see 
> an announcement with a big question mark.  Something new to be 
> released this weekend.  Any guesses?

Oh, I know this one I know this one!
No, it's not a Naglo (I know, Uggie, it's a cruel world).
During the lunch we had last March when Dame K visited us, we got Ronny 
Bar drunk as a boiled fish, and we made him spill the next WnW releases.
Dame Karen knows. Martín Afflitto knows. I know.
We have sworn this for secrecy, but I'd say that the new kits are surely 
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