[WWI] Clear section on top wing of the Nieuport 17

Bill Tindall btindall58 at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 3 09:42:03 EDT 2014

Michael Kendix <mkendix at hotmail.com> wrote:

>Crikey, mate! Do you know how much a box of Maltesers costs over here? Put it this way - I have to make a trip to Rodman's "Gourmet" store.

  Here in California, I thank god for Indian spice an food shops.  Somehow they manage to get the ""Usual Suspects" among British goodies for unbelievably competitive prices.  They do like their bit of Empire culture, and tend to stock a wide variey of favourites, and without them I'd be going broke just having my tea and biscuits, nevermind the odd Flake and serious chocolates.

Bill T

PS: Just to pick one at random - There's a place on Venice Blvd in Culver City called "India Sweets and Spices" which is also an authentic neighborhood-style curry restaurant (bus your own, mate!) and is a great example of what I'm talking about.  Excellent lunches for CHEAP.  Not fancy, but the real deal, and their British selection is terrific. I buy all my clear Nieuport modeling plastic there.

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