[WWI] speaking of Pfalz DXII...

Knut Erik Hagen knut.erik.hagen at gmail.com
Wed Apr 2 15:07:17 EDT 2014


I visited the NASM two years ago and spent two days with my camera in the
Mall building.
Will check the archive when I get home on Saturday and send anything useful

Knut Erik

On 2 April 2014 04:32, Dave Calhoun <davecww1 at gmail.com> wrote:

>  After seeing all of the comments on Scott's nice Pfalz, it is leading me
> back to a project that I started about ten years ago, I was working on the
> Tom's Modelworks Pfalz D.XII resin kit, and was trying to do it in the
> markings of the "Wings" aircraft on display at the NASM.  Unfortunately I
> have been unable to find any good photos of the skull marking on the side
> or even the odd shaped crosses on the wings.  All of the photos I have
> found online seem to have been taken from a strange angle very far away,
> due to it's location hanging from the ceiling. Does anyone know of any
> photos taken of this before it was hung from the ceiling that show a better
> view of the markings?  or is there a profile or drawing of this plane
> anywhere?  I have googled it but found nothing except the lower front view
> and rear side view that is very lo res.
> Thanks
> Dave
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