[WWI] Clear section on top wing of the Nieuport 17

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Please go for the decal, we really don't want you developing bad habits on top of everything else. With liberal coatings of future/klear or decal saver, I'm sure the decal will become strong enough.

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I don't think that will work - too easily wrinkled. I am still thinking either decal paper or putting an advert out for someone who smokes cigarettes or actually buying a pack myself.
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What about clingfilm used to wrap sandwiches? It can be stretched quite a bit. I have no idea about its durability though

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Yes. Where you find it I have no idea. I got a roll years ago from a friend who was an amateur photographer. Seeing the world has gone the way of digital pictures I would think it is still made for people who like to use film?


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 Where would you find that?


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Splicing tape?  Do tell.   For motion picture film?

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For years I have used film splicing tape for windows on ot aircraft. I have a model done this way and the window have not come of in 30 some years.


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I'd use clear decal myself. Much neater, more flexible, self-adhesive and you don't have to develop a carcinogenic habit!


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Thanks - I do recall now that a long time ago, someone mentioning cigarette packaging to do this sort of thing on a model.

Don't know anyone who smokes though. I may have t buy a packet of cigarettes myself.


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I would not trust the adhesive backed tape as it  may be possible for the adhesive to dry up or yellow over the years and even  lose the adhesive stregnth and fall off.  When I  did my Nungesser N.17 I  used cellophane from a pack of cigarettes.  I do not smoke but it is easy  to find a friend that does who will give you the cellophane when they are done  with a pack.  This stuff is crystal clear just as the original cello panel   was.  For the Eduard kit I cut out the bottom area that is solid and added  a curved wire for the cut out in front of the cockpit, and used strips of  styrene to build the inner structure that should be seen through the  clear.  I used future to hold the cellophane  to the pre painted wood area  and it has been holding on fine for a couple of years so far.  It should  not be painted with a clear yellow, the only way that it would discolor would  have been from age, and like a piece of cellophane tape would probably take   longer than these aircraft lasted for in the field before it yellowed.   Here is my Nieuport 17 done like this:
Subject: [WWI]  Clear section on top wing of the Nieuport 17
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Ideas on how to do it? Ronnie bar uses clear Scotch  Tape:


which looks decent. I wonder how long it will stay  in place though? The Eduard kit is agnostic on this issue, providing no clear  part or even the frame work for the "Window" area. Also, is it supposed to be   transparent but coloured - say a clear yellow or something? I have plenty of  clear yellow and clear orange  paint.?



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Douglas Anderson
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