[WWI] speaking of Pfalz DXII...

Dave Calhoun davecww1 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 1 22:32:14 EDT 2014

After seeing all of the comments on Scott's nice Pfalz, it is leading me back to a project that I started about ten years ago, I was working on the Tom's Modelworks Pfalz D.XII resin kit, and was trying to do it in the markings of the "Wings" aircraft on display at the NASM.  Unfortunately I have been unable to find any good photos of the skull marking on the side or even the odd shaped crosses on the wings.  All of the photos I have found online seem to have been taken from a strange angle very far away, due to it's location hanging from the ceiling. Does anyone know of any photos taken of this before it was hung from the ceiling that show a better view of the markings?  or is there a profile or drawing of this plane anywhere?  I have googled it but found nothing except the lower front view and rear side view that is very lo res.
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