[WWI] Pritt's 66 Sqn Pup and His Overwing Lewis

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Hi Mike-

I find the armament section beginning on page 68 in my copy. There are 66 Sq Pup w Lewis guns at p 70. The text refernces " . . .drawing of the'Lewis gun mounting for the Sopwith Scout as designed and used by 66 Squadron" sent to RFC HQ 22 Sept. That may be available from archives. 

I cannot make out the mechanism on the photo on the opposite page, but there are references to the installation of the Lewis adversely affecting performace and weakening the upper wing structure; 54 Sq discontinued use for this reason.


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                If any of you has a copy of the Air-Britain Sopwith Pup book, could you please take a look at the photo of Pritt's machine on p. 66 (?) in the section on Pup armament.  It's pretty obvious that he used the Nieuport-style mounting for the Lewis, which I can duplicate by copying the Lewis mounting on an Eduard Nieuport 11.  BUT here's the question: the very poor photo doesn't give much detail and it LOOKS like there's a pull-down lever a la 'Tinsydes' Lewises.  Anyone agree?                TIA.                                Mike 		 	   		  
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