[WWI] can you move that bloody car?

Kerry Lynn kerlyn2001 at verizon.net
Wed Oct 30 08:53:48 EDT 2013

Perhaps this was before the advent of cab heaters.


On 10/30/13 8:07 AM, Diego Fernetti wrote:
> Re: [WWI] can you move that bloody car?
> N!
> It was a relatively common feature, back then. Wonder why they choose 
> that instead of the front, in the airstream, position. Here's a Mack 
> truck with the same arrangement.
> D.
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>     Wonderful pic Diego, isn't that radiator in the middle of the car
>     something!
>     /Neil
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>     N!
>     Well done Kerry, you nearly nailed it, I thought Renault as soon
>     as I saw that photo.
>     Wouldn't a 1/72 scale model of one of those be nice.
>     Yes, I've seen many of those Renaults in the book "Les Camions de
>     la Victoire" (that besides lorries or trucks also deals with
>     automobiles, motorcycles and bikes). They're fascinating in the
>     style and variety of chassis and bodies, since many of these large
>     cars were taken to military service from civilian sources. Here's
>     a survivor and good example of "Gris de fer bleuté" paint:
>     D.

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