[WWI] can you move that bloody car?

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I thought Clerget at first, which led me to the link I sent you.  If it 
is, it
can only be a 7Z which output just 80hp.  That would still make this a
Nieuport 10, as the 12 originally had the 9Z (110hp).  I eventually 
myself that I was looking at one pushrod and the glint of each cylinder, but
I didn't blow up the photo as I'm sure you have.

What is curious is the bulge in the cowl.  The Bristol Scout D was equipped
with 80hp Le Rhone or 100hp Gnome Monosoupape (both seven cylinder
engines) and the latter are identified by that bulge.  That's the part 
of the
cycle where the exhaust valve is open.


On 10/30/13 7:15 AM, Diego Fernetti wrote:
> Re: [WWI] can you move that bloody car?
> Well spotted guys! The Nieuport is a 10, one of several variants. The 
> engine isn't a monosupape, because the double pushrods in front of 
> each cylinder. It's probably a Clerget, which is often seen installed 
> to Nieuport 12s, which might explain the non-standard, bulged sides 
> cowl.Thanks for the PDF link! No, I haven't noticed this one before, 
> that website is always a trove!
> D.
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>     The placement of the roundels (outside the struts) also seems non-
>     standard and therefore probably early.
>     Notice the family resemblance?  (See image 5)
>     http://www.finecars.cc/en/detail/car/175405/index.html
>     On 10/29/13 5:43 PM, Kerry Lynn wrote:
>>     I agree with Steve; it's not a 12.  No center section in the wing
>>     /plus
>>     /it appears to have a seven-cylinder engine.  Moreover, the "bulge"
>>     that D sees in the cowl suggests it is powered by a 100hp Gnome
>>     Monosoupape and therefore likely a 10bis.  Diego, have you seen
>>     this paper in your travels? Malheureusement, I don't read French:
>>     http://www.hydroretro.net/etudegh/les_nieuports_de_la_guerre.pdf
>>     -K-
>>     On 10/29/13 3:57 PM, Stephen Cox wrote:
>>>     I'd go for a 10, the 12 had a transparent centre section, and
>>>     shots of the 12 taken from a similar angle show much more slope
>>>     on the interplane struts
>>>     Steve
>>>     On 29/10/2013 17:32, "Alan Pask" <alan at carrsskoda.co.uk> wrote:
>>>         It also shows how the wooden structure in the wings still
>>>         shows thru the CDL despite what appears to be a cloudy day.
>>>         Neiuport 10 or 12? -- Sorry Diego -- Pass.
>>>         Alan.
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>>>         Good photo despite the smug guy in the way. Shows how thin
>>>         those wings need to be.
>>>         And it's a nice car.
>>>         /Neil
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