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As a frequent visitor (on account of the outlaws) I can generally agree with Aidrian on the subject of NZ model shops and museums. As my mother in law lives in Newmarket and my wife came from Parnell - both Auckland suburbs near the War Memorial and the shops mentioned I can give a fairly recent review. Two years ago Modelair was still reasonably organised, and had *some* unexpected items, but not so much OT stuff. Prices were high by US standards but cheap to me.

MOTAT is great despite being an OT free zone, ditto the War Museum which has a lovely model of HMS New Zealand, sister battle cruiser of HMAS Australia and a small selection of aircraft.

Not much help to you, but I also recommend any enthusiastic travellers to get themselves to Blenheim.  Omaka has a very pleasant "museum" which has one original OT aircraft, and some of the best presented replicas you will ever see, courtesy of Sir Peter and Weka(?) Studios. And the airshow there is something to behold. And better still, it's the centre of a superb wine making region, and host of some damned fine eateries. I *really* like Blenheim. Especially in February when plum sized cherries straight off the tree cost pennies per bucket.

Sydney is a bit of a modelling wilderness. The largest model shop is in the Queen Victoria building in the city itself, and has a decent but unexceptional selection. I usually spend a half hour there, but seldom see anything I couldn't get alsewhere, and probably already did.   In fact, the *best* and biggest shop is Frontline Hobbies - about 70km north!

The other Syney region shops are smaller, and away from the centre, just not in Newcastle.


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