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Dame K

Much as I would love to meet you in Auckland, I am the other end of the
North Island ( Windy Wellington) and it's a ten hour drive each way.

Depending on how much time I would instead suggest a trip to MOTAT (
and/or to the Auckland Museum ; not an enormous lot of OT stuff at either
but you used to be able get up close and personal with a couple of flying
boats at MOTAT along with a lot of other interesting though generally ot
stuff. Auckland Museum was originally a war memorial and there is a
properly sombre memorial section.

Hobby shops? Well, given the markups applied by the local retail sector I
generally wouldn't bother buying in NZ unless you find something you simply
can't live without. Order your WNWs by mail like everyone else;-) That said
try these; -

 - Modelair in Newmarket - used to be a huge rambling shed of a place on
Broadway 20 years ago, but now in rather smaller and hopefully better
organised place in Kent St. I haven't been there in more than 20 years and
I'm not sure it is still the source of unexpected treasures that it was.
(Newmarket is a ten minute ride on the train from the downtown Britomart
station or a longer ride a on bus, 10-15 minutes by car, but parking can be
a challenge at times)

 - Also in Newmarket is Merv Smith Hobbies - likely to have a strong bias
to model trains, but has other stuff as well. *Possibly* worth stopping by
if you are in the area - say 10-15 minutes walk from the Auckland Museum

Further afield Hobby City have stores in Mt Wellington and Albany - never
been to either so nothing to tell you about them, AFAIK they are more at
the R/C end of the spectrum

Next time you should plan to visit the more civilized parts of the country;
Omaka musuem near Blenheim is well worth seeing ( several high quality
replicas and some rare originals).Oh an and there's an airshow in Masterton
you might rather enjoy the weekend after next .

Nov 9th 2013 'Remembrance Day' WWI Air Show  2.00pm - 5.00pm Hood
Aerodrome, Masterton - you get a chance to walk the flight line and get
really close to some OT machinery


On Monday, October 28, 2013 11:19 AM, Karen Rychlewski <
> wanderer at earthlink.net> wrote:
>  Hi guys,
> I'm hitting the road, or rather the waves, again in about a week. Will be
> in Auckland, NZ, and Sydney, Aus., long enough to search out a well-stocked
> hobby shop or two. Any suggestions?
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