[WWI] Albatros C.III C.766/16 question

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Hi Oct?vio,
I don't have photos for you but on the WW1 models site there are files for the markings as drawn by Joey Valenciano many years ago, with notes on the colors.  Here you go, hope this helps you...
Subject: [WWI] Albatros C.III C.766/16 question
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Na albatros CIII has just landed on my table. I have already been searching
the internet to grab any information about the interesting dragon/crocodile
scheme of albatross 766 (from Ltn Erwin Bohme/Ltn Lademacher). Does anyone
have more detailed drawings of the dragon and crocodile or clear fotos? The
ones I have got from the internet have few resolution.

Best regards,

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