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I would have to vote for the E.IV,  Not only did it have the wild double rotary engine, two guns, but it was also used by Boelcke with decent and unique markings that are well photographed.  To me the E.I is more historicaly important in the evolution of fighter design, but looks almost the same as the E.III, while the E.IV with the large cowl fretted with holes and the streamlined metal turtledeck is an impressive sight to behold.  

Dave C 

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I agree.? And you can mount a Parabellum with a stock.? And a head rest.? 
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I vote for the EI, the EIV was just an historical quirk. 


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 really in a quandry, the release of the E.1 and EIV, leaves me wrapped around the axle. I can only afford one of them, for the forseeable future, and I have to choose, either the historically important E.I, or the neat and weird (if ultimately unsuccessful) E.IV. 


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