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Spoiled by choice, aren't we?
I'd say that any of the kits is worth having if you desire so. Just wait until you get one of them finished to buy another similar (by the time you might have made your mind about if you need two).
Just remember that not so long ago, you might have felt lucky to find an Aurora or K&B kit to hack and convert into whatever you chose.
Had a chuckle picturing you wrapped around an axle. I imagined you under one of those nice trucks, with lots of chrome and paint lining.
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  I'm really in a quandry, the release of the E.1 and EIV, leaves me wrapped around the axle. I can only afford one of them, for the forseeable future, and I have to choose, either the historically important E.I, or the neat and weird (if ultimately unsuccessful) E.IV. 

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