[WWI] Closing of NKR Models

Shane Weier bristolf2b at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 22 19:26:59 EDT 2013

'ming says

> Sad to hear, but perhaps not surprising as Michael says the currency changes 

>have meant the svaing through buying  from there have not been so great. And 

>since he stopped doing the MPM stuff, I've didn't buy nearly as much as I
> used to.

Yep, our strong currency (since we avoided the GFC) is making this a great time for *us* to buy from overseas, but lousy for our exporters.


OTOH the second problem you allude to is what ruined him through loss of local buyers as well. When MPM and all their associated brands were handed to another importer with promises that they'd afterwards be widely available in model shops I'm afraid I took it with a grain of salt - subsequently justified because they're mostly invisible.


Haven't bought an MPM, Special Hobby etc kit since, and know a lot who've stopped buying them. I hope that change benefited someone, but it wasn't Earl, or me.



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