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Octávio Mântua octavio.mantua at sapo.pt
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Hello Dave,


When I built the Pfalz EIV I also painted the interior black (at least the
front part). I assumed that this would be the interior color based on two
Photos that appear on the book “Pfalz Aircraft of world war I” (I think
these photos also appear in the windsock datafiles). 


The first photo appears on page 22 and shows a cutaway of a Pfalz EIV where
you can clearly see that the panels are dark (probably not black but quite
dark). Comparing with the gun and undercarriage structure the side panels
seems to be the same color.


The second photo appears on page 11. It shows a Fokker EII and a Pfalz EI
and a Pfalz EII parked almost side by side. The photo was taken a bit from
above and you can see a little of the cockpit. Although the Fokker EII has a
light color interior the Pfalz’s both seem to have a dark color in the
cockpit. Of course this can be an optical illusion and the color could be
wood and not black. Of course this is only my interpretation. I do agree
that there is little difference between black and dark brown in a black and
white photos. 


I guess I will just have to rebuild the interior of the model.. Just Kidding


Best regards,



Nice job on the Pfalz Oct?avo!  

One question, where did you find that the interior of this machine was
painted black?  I always assumed that the black areas were painted
afterwards on the exterior and all interior parts would have been left in
natural metal and varnished wood, similar to the Fokker E.III.  



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Thank you all for your kind words. Let?s see what I will build next?. ;-)




Best regards,




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