[WWI] I am going through all my old modeling magazines.

Gordo GORDO at bak.rr.com
Mon Oct 21 19:01:00 EDT 2013

Ok I have time to type now lol. I was really typing and  somehow added a link o my last post that was not intended. sorry about that.
I am great full  for all the info regarding me posting copyrighted material. I can take correction without getting all warped out of shape so please don’t worry about that.
  I will try to be more careful in my posting methods. Lately I have been eating about 1 meal every 3 days and sleeping about 1 hour a night a lot and it id wearing me out. This may help explain the link into a rc forum I deal with dugh. Needless to say I will tighten up  what I post to the list so it conforms to what the norm is.
Thanks again for helping me nip the copyright issue in the bud rather than letting it turn into  a issue for anyone other than me.
If you are having trouble finding info on a plane contact me off list or on Facebook. I will be making certain albums in the future not public.to clean up the copyright issues in there.
Once again thanks for the honesty!The last thing I was doing was trying to make a issue for the list own or  anyone for that matter. I am disabled and rarely leave the house anymore.Because of that I have a tendency to try to be as helpful as possible so I can have some kind of function in life other than a lazy boy weight.( that’s a padded chair in America)
I am Gordon Cheek on Facebook. That or email would be the best way you contact me off list. I will keep my posts past this point on the list subject mater.
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