[WWI] I am going through all my old modeling magazines.

Gordo GORDO at bak.rr.com
Mon Oct 21 16:09:48 EDT 2013

don have time but wanted t o make one thing clear.I will compliy with all  rules in the list!  Please don’t post requests for info in the list... You have my permision ot contact me directly. Ican at  least point you in the right direction. I don’t want to hurt any publisher as I amalll about books. If possible deleats my original post so there is no document in the list that might get anyone in trouble.
Is this group only oriented towards plastic modeling? I was under the assumption it was all forms sof modeling ww1 era planes. I do that also its just I do a lot more. the last thing I want to do is change the list into something it is not.
Sorry for any confusion.
with that out the door to the doctors
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