[WWI] Introduction I fly rc and build plastic models.

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    As list owner, and another WWI R/C model pilot, welcome.


On Sun, 2013-10-20 at 15:04 -0700, Gordo wrote:
> Hi my name is Gordon and I love WW1 era aircraft for Shure! Most of my
> modeling has been in Remote Control. Most of my plastic models are
> more current but there is a very special place in my heart for the
> Standard J1,Waco 10 or GXE and many others my family has either built
> and flown or flown in service. I am TOTALLY excited about my next
> model I  will be kit bashing(modifying) I am waiting to have a Proctor
> Enterprises JN4-d2 Jenny kit to be sent to me from the kit
> manufacturerSmile Here is the link to the model.
> http://www.proctor-enterprises.com/products/museum/jenny/jenny.htm
> I am not his salesman and have no connection with proctor other than
> having bought a kit. Here are the rest of his Museum quality kits if
> you have not seen them before.
> http://www.proctor-enterprises.com/products/museum/museum_scale.htm
> I really really had to save for this. I will be dressing her in the
> way my great grandfather had painted his J1..... I have found no large
> scale Standard so I will be modifying this kit to become the J1.
> Fortunately The changes wont be MAJOR Smile The largest issue I face
> is raising the top wing  some. I know there will be cabling changes
> and others but they will not be something I can’t accomplish. I have
> pics of my family around his planes that are really great! Here is the
> link to my Facebook page. If you would like to use them for anything
> please ask me. These pics have not been seen before and I have a very
> kind man rebuilding a real Jenny that is wanting to make a webpage
> with the ics and all the family stories.
> I will be flying this model after completion. I will be stitching the
> fabric on the way they did originally. his model will be as close as
> possible to the real J1.The servos will work the original cabling that
> is a pull pull design. I will also  have i t set so that the control
> stick and rudder pedals will match the control surface movements.
> My Grandfather flew many planes in the Army air force and the the air
> forceSmile During WW2 he wasa flight teacher for the B-25 teaching
> skip bombing and everything else!Afer the war he tried selling VW’s
> and  finaly entered the service again.. He flew two tours at Johnson
> air base in Japan through the late 50’s and early 60’s. At that time
> he flew Martin B-57A’s,B’s and D models although he really didn’t like
> the D model! I will eventually be making a B-57 to fly as a slope
> soarer. you will see in my Facebook page that I have been researching
> the 57 like MAD!
> Also I hear I may be able to get a full size copy of the J1 plans!!!!!
> WOW after working on the model the plans will be displayed around my
> room in frames and glass. One of The girls sitting on the J1’s wing is
> still alive. This is why I am working to build the J1 so fast. There
> are so may stories she can tell about her father and his flying school
> and one man airlinesSmile We still have two tickets for a ride in his
> plane!I couldn’t believe it.
> I have a TON of 3 views and blueprints for the planes this group
> likes. If anyone is needing something like that to make their models
> accurate  am the one too talk to! Don’t be afraid to ask.
> Gordon
> https://www.facebook.com/#!/gordon.cheek.3/photos_albums
> https://www.facebook.com/#!/gordon.cheek.3/media_set?set=a.353588898110169.1073741826.100003771855177&type=3
> Looking forward to meeting everyone.

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