[WWI] I am going through all my old modeling magazines.

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Mon Oct 21 08:49:16 EDT 2013

Hi Gordon, welcome to the list from Argentina, a land of barbares and 

> You should be aware that this is illegal under copyright law almost 
> everywhere in the world.
> It's become somewhat old fashioned to care about the rights of the owner 
> of anything we
> can vacuum up off the net, and it's not likely that someone will come 
> looking with a writ in
> hand, but you *could* get our host in trouble with such offers. It has 
> happened before!

Yes, a sound advice. Discretion is the operative word here.

> And frankly, if you have any Naglo stuff, Diego will beat a path through
> Brazil, Central America (leaping the canal in his red underpants) and 
> whatever
> USA states are between him and you, to your door. So *really* don't offer 

Shane, don't scare the new guy! Gordon, if you know anything about Naglo 
Quadruplanes, I strongly suggest that you don't hold any information. We 
have ways to make you speak!

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