[WWI] Introduction I fly rc and build plastic models.

Gordo GORDO at bak.rr.com
Sun Oct 20 18:04:22 EDT 2013

Hi my name is Gordon and I love WW1 era aircraft for Shure! Most of my modeling has been in Remote Control. Most of my plastic models are more current but there is a very special place in my heart for the Standard J1,Waco 10 or GXE and many others my family has either built and flown or flown in service. I am TOTALLY excited about my next model I  will be kit bashing(modifying) I am waiting to have a Proctor Enterprises JN4-d2 Jenny kit to be sent to me from the kit manufacturer Here is the link to the model.
http://www.proctor-enterprises.com/products/museum/jenny/jenny.htm    I am not his salesman and have no connection with proctor other than having bought a kit. Here are the rest of his Museum quality kits if you have not seen them before.  http://www.proctor-enterprises.com/products/museum/museum_scale.htm     I really really had to save for this. I will be dressing her in the way my great grandfather had painted his J1..... I have found no large scale Standard so I will be modifying this kit to become the J1. Fortunately The changes wont be MAJOR  The largest issue I face is raising the top wing  some. I know there will be cabling changes and others but they will not be something I can’t accomplish. I have pics of my family around his planes that are really great! Here is the link to my Facebook page. If you would like to use them for anything please ask me. These pics have not been seen before and I have a very kind man rebuilding a real Jenny that is wanting to make a webpage with the ics and all the family stories.
I will be flying this model after completion. I will be stitching the fabric on the way they did originally. his model will be as close as possible to the real J1.The servos will work the original cabling that is a pull pull design. I will also  have i t set so that the control stick and rudder pedals will match the control surface movements.
My Grandfather flew many planes in the Army air force and the the air force During WW2 he wasa flight teacher for the B-25 teaching skip bombing and everything else!Afer the war he tried selling VW’s and  finaly entered the service again.. He flew two tours at Johnson air base in Japan through the late 50’s and early 60’s. At that time he flew Martin B-57A’s,B’s and D models although he really didn’t like the D model! I will eventually be making a B-57 to fly as a slope soarer. you will see in my Facebook page that I have been researching the 57 like MAD!
Also I hear I may be able to get a full size copy of the J1 plans!!!!!WOW after working on the model the plans will be displayed around my  room in frames and glass. One of The girls sitting on the J1’s wing is still alive. This is why I am working to build the J1 so fast. There are so may stories she can tell about her father and his flying school and one man airlines We still have two tickets for a ride in his plane!I couldn’t believe it.
I have a TON of 3 views and blueprints for the planes this group likes. If anyone is needing something like that to make their models accurate  am the one too talk to! Don’t be afraid to ask.
Looking forward to meeting everyone.
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