[WWI] Friedrichshafen FF 43 question

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That's a conspicuator.

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Hi all,
I am gathering information about the FF 43 to add some detail to the (surprisingly very nice!) Airframe kit. Main sources are the Harleyford book of marine aircraft (from where the scale drawings that come with the kit were taken) and the more recent book by Jack Herris "German Seaplane Fighters of WWI". I don't think we will ever see a Datafile of this one-off.

I don't understand the "inverted V strut(?)" that comes out of the fuselage at the starboard side of the pilot. It is probably related with something above the wing, but what?

Here are some pics taken after a Google search:



Attached are fragments of photos from Jack Herris book, where the thing can be seen in more detail.

In the center section of the wing is a flat radiator and what seems to be an oil tank. The Spandaus are located in each side of the engine. What can it be?
Thanks in advance!

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